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The main ideas we carry:

  • All change starts with the mind; we have a comprehensive mindset & mental health service
  • Women aren’t small men; our app, education & service is tailored for women
  • Authentic coaches, daily support, real-life meet ups and having fun are essential ingredients to change

Turtle Method is more than fat loss, it’s a school of life.

91% of people come to us for fat loss but that main goal falls down the pecking order after a week or so.

Fat loss is important but it's more important to free your mind from diet culture and daily food conflict.

Once freed from this and the "all or nothing" mindset, quick fat loss loses its grip on you.

This can happen within the first 7 days.

You then apply your new found mental energy to parts of your life that matter.

You can't pour from an empty cup.

So we help you become the best version of you, so you can be that for the ones you love.

Before we get into what we do
Here’s the results you can expect

Guilt-free eating
Lose fat for the final time
A lighter more joyous mind
More energy to focus on other things
No more toxic comparisons
A better routine
Better relationships
More confidence
10x more knowledge on nutrition and the mind (backed by science)
A stronger body
New friends for life
A supportive group of people that care about you
New found purpose and a deeper “why” to health
Less superficial living
More value based living on the things that matter
Continuous learning mindset

Don’t believe us?

Read through our reviews below from Trustpilot (and more video reviews at the bottom of the page)

No foods are off limits

Everything in moderation. By living this way you enjoy the foods you love more! As you don’t eat them to disgust.

We recommend nutrient-dense foods most of the time but there’s nothing wrong with eating out and having a glass of wine if you want to. Track them and let us handle the rest.


Our app keeps you accountable with a weekly review, daily podcast and daily radio.

Track your nutrition, menstrual cycle & mental health with our revolutionary app.

We’re the only app to connect all 3 data points and make changes to your nutrition from this for you, automatically after check-ins.

We have 3 membership options for you


Turtle Method Silver

Nutrition app access.

Get your personalised calories & macros plan that means you can enjoy life
(without saying no to all social plans!)

Daily 15-minute motivational and educational podcasts.

Get your personalised calories & macros plan that means you can enjoy life (without saying no to all social plans!)


Flo Lily

Honest & uplifting!

I have LOVED the daily podcasts. Not only is the content beneficial, they have also got me out walking every lunchtime listening to them as I work from home. It’s like having a helpful friend in your ear. I have nothing but good to say about my experience with Turtle Method and all the amazing things they offer. Thanks Scott & the team!



5 stars isn’t enough!

Spent years stuck in a rut with weight gain after giving up dancing as a career and had accepted my “natural body shape” was just “bigger”. Trtle help you remove all bias toward yourself, they encourage and empower - not beat down and insult. You will feel brighter, more positive, and then the weight starts to drop as a byproduct. Invest in yourself, this takes 15 minutes a day and it’s a game changer. You won’t regret it.


Hannah L G

Great podcast

Great straight talking podcast. The messages are conveyed simply and Scott gets right to the key points to help you figure out the best steps to take. Love the input of research and real life examples. It’s like having a daily pep talk to get you ready for the day ahead!



A great start to the day

These daily podcasts are absolutely fantastic and a great way to start your day. Scott is really informative on subjects that are usually made so complicated - it’s a breath of fresh air! Learnt so much from doing the 14 day mindset challenge and it has given me the kick-start I needed to change my lifestyle for a happy me.




This was such a great way to get back into working on myself! Sets you up for the day and really focuses on mindfulness and looking inwards! Really enjoyed it!



Amazing, mindset game changer!

Scotts podcasts make my mornings! His honest advice & fun way of teaching was an absolute game changer for me! Months of struggling & 2 weeks with scott & i am in a better place mentally & physically! Cannot wait to see where i am after my year with him!



Easy to digest!

Short and to the point, Scott successfully manages to cover key areas that help with the mindset of how we can approach a healthier lifestyle. Whether this is how we think about food, about the diet industry or about how we view ourselves, Scott manages to give some thought provoking ideas! An easy podcast to digest and one I enjoyed starting my day with!


amy smallman

You won’t look back!

What a fabulous two weeks! I have learnt so much from these podcasts, will re listen again and again! Delivered really well and felt like a friend was talking to us the whole way through! Thanks Scott!


graham mck

Very informative

Scott is lighthearted!! puts a smile on your face in the morning, I’ve learned a lot listening to these podcasts a really great way to start your day especially if health and fitness is your goal.



Mindset trial

The whole point of me joining was to get help with my food, but after these two weeks I think the most important thing about this trial was the daily podcasts. It put me in such a great routine to start the day along with trtle radio and the information has been crazy! Scott is very laidback in his manner and comes across as knowledgable, friendly and motivating.


Bonney C

Amazing Podcasts

These podcasts have really changed my mindset towards eating and loosing weight in such a short space of time! I found them very motivating every morning and quickly welcomed them into my daily routine. If you are looking for something to change your mindset as well as your lifestyle, these are for you!!



Easy to digest!

Short and to the point, Scott successfully manages to cover key areas that help with the mindset of how we can approach a healthier lifestyle. Whether this is how we think about food, about the diet industry or about how we view ourselves, Scott manages to give some thought provoking ideas! An easy podcast to digest and one I enjoyed starting my day with!

Daily group chat (audio only: no video)

Listen on your way to work, in bed, on a walk, wherever! Plug into the community daily to get advice and motivation. It's also a great way to connect with others and make new friends. (Adults need more ways to make new friends!)


1-1 Human Support

The app will change your targets if it needs to, but some people like to have human advice and confirmation. Here's your peace of mind, available every day.

Access to the private FB support group

Where we answer questions daily and help you with any queries

£9.99 per month / £59 per year

Turtle Method Gold

Everything in Silver and the following:

Yellow lines

Weekly Knowledge sessions:

Book club (we read 1 book a month and chat about it weekly)
Nutrition Q&A with PhD Paul Rimmer (never fall for fads and myths again)
Mindset Q&A with Dean Leak (work with that inner voice!)
Mental health chat and weekly plan with Ryan Williams (a chance to share your struggles and get the support you need)
Friday evening review chat with Ryan Libbey (share your weekly wins and weekend plans)
Monday kick-start call (for anyone feeling low or needed a boost)
Weekly app data breakdown (to show your data in another way to explain why results are or aren’t happening and for others to see the process)
Bi-monthly Period Power chats about Women’s health with Alex Hipwell
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Live workouts/exercise:

Yoga with Annie
3x workouts with Ryan Libbey per week (strength workouts)
Core conditioning workout with Jo (to get that core strong and stable)
Tabata workouts with Jo
Weekly virtual run with coach Max


Dedicated full access community app
Access to all events and also invite only to premium events
Free access to challenges (we do 3 or 4 per year)
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£39 per month

Turtle Method Platinum

Everything in Silver & Gold and the following:

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Platinum extras:

Monthly 1-1 30-45 minutes coaching call
30% off all our products
12 months for the price of 10
Future exclusive deals and offers from us and other brands
Dedicated Platinum sub-group inside our community
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£399 per year

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Want a test drive of Turtle first?

Test drive Turtle for free by following our 14-day nutrition and mindset masterclass.

This is all done inside our app. You’ll be given a daily task and podcast to complete so we can teach you one day at a time the Turtle philosophy of total health.

Download the app right now to get started.

No card required so not auto payment can be taken. The trial is cancelled automatically.

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Got questions?

You’ll notice a change in yourself mentally after only 1 week! You’ll get stronger within 2-3 weeks and your results moving forward after that will depend on the effort you put into each workout. After 12 weeks you’re guaranteed to see some change!
All of my customers will get access to a private Facebook group. You’ll get to ask me and Ryan 1-1 questions along with getting to know other members of the group. It’s more like a family than a group! We are all in this together.
We have a list of alternative exercises you can do, if you can’t do them then get in touch via the Facebook group and Ryan will recommend other alternatives with tips on how to do the exercises
Unfortunately no. You need to track your macros to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. This is the only way to truly lose weight sustainable and long term. Over time, you will get used to the macros in each food and you can then eyeball the foods in the future. But, to begin with you will need to track.
Yes and no. By counting macros you’re technically counting calories but the benefit is you ensure you eat the correct amount of carbs, fat and protein per day. We use a macros based approach because it lets us be flexible with our food choices. If you want that snickers bar, go ahead and eat it. Just understand it will eat up a lot of your carbs and fat for the day. If you’re just counting calories you’ll neglect protein intake and likely consume too much fats or carbs instead.
Once you purchase you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out. In that questionnaire we’ll find out how active you are, your weight, height, training history, goals, food restrictions, allergies etc. Once we have all of this information Ryan and I will create a customised plan for you to hit your goals.
If this is the case then this isn’t the correct plan for you. Effort needs to be taken to understand the concept of flexile dieting and it does require that you do learn how much protein, carbs and fats are in your foods. You quickly get the hang of it and you’ll be able to eyeball it in the future. Aiming to hit a certain amount of protein, carbs and fat per day gives you the freedom to eat whatever you like, as long as you come near your macro goals. Trust me, putting in effort for the first few weeks to understand this and it will pay off big time in the future. It’s a lifestyle change not a crash diet. Diets do not work.
Nope! Diet plans don’t work. Research has shown time and time again people diet then bounce back and put more weight back on. By having macro goals per day this gives you freedom to eat the foods you want. You won’t feel limited or even feel like you’re dieting. I will recommend foods and recipes that are my go-tos so you can follow but they are just there to guide you. If you want to eat a chocolate bar every day to keep you sane then do so, just make sure to account for it.
To lose weight all that you need to do is to eat less calories than you burn. This is known as your maintenance calories. For example, if your maintenance was 1500 calories and you ate 1200 calories a day all from McDonalds, you’d lose weight. But, this isn’t healthy. That’s why we work out the calories you need to eat to hit your goal (below maintenance for fat loss, above for muscle gain) and then we ensure you have the correct macros split to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet. You can however, eat 60-70% of your foods from healthy sources and the other 30% from foods you crave. Over the long term, you’ll stick to this eating plan and get results.